The Asian and the Central European models tested: learning from the past, sharing for the future

The two days’ conference was held in Budapest on May 17-18, 2017. It was organised by the Oriental Business and Innovation Centre (OBIC), which was established by the Budapest Business School / University of Applied Sciences (BBS) and the Hungarian Central Bank. Sino-European Foundation whole-heartedly supported the initiative and welcomed scholars from China.

The conference focused on the following themes:

  • Asian and Central European development models revisited
  • The rise of geopolitics?
  • Challenges of the higher education system in a regional and global context
  • Corporate financial and management challenges in changing business environments
  • Doing business in a diverse social environment

The goal of the conference was to promote exchanges of academic ideas and different perspectives by scholars from the Asia-Pacific region and Central Europe related to developments in the fields of political science and economics, regional studies, tourism, international relations, and intercultural perspectives. The conference intended to strengthen the bridge between the two regions and wanted to contribute to a deeper mutual understanding. In addition to this, one of the key words of our rapidly transforming global environment is ‘diversification.’ This means that regions from very different geographical areas may increasingly find common interests that can be utilised and best practices that can be learnt.

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