Our mission

The foundation’s main purpose is to further the development of cultural and educational exchange programs between China and other countries.

Conducting cultural and folk-art activates, the purpose is not only to let Chinese Culture better appreciated but also enhance the relationships between China and European countries in cultural domain.

Within cultural and artistic activities, our foundation pares no effort to provide substantial assistance to the field of Chinese and European language education. By organizing artistic and educational activities, our foundation will improve communication and relationships among China and European countries. Furthermore, we will aid social and research projects that are relevant to Sino-European relations.

It is also a goal to create and to strengthen international, cultural, friendly and artistic exchange programs and to provide research scholarships.

The foundation regards one of its most basic roles to aid organisations and projects on the field of Sino-Hungarian culture and to assist them in reaching their goals. The foundation wants to lend „a helping hand” to impact other programs, which grant opportunity to establish self-training groups and courses highlighting the beauty of art and culture.